The year in review

The CEI update made a number of recommendations. Here’s how we’re doing with each of them:

Table 2: Status of recommendations from May 2018 CEI Update





Appoint interim board

The interim board was launched in January 2019, including the following members:

  • Kirby Calvert (co-chair)
  • Jonathan Knowles (co-chair)
  • Amanda Hardcastle
  • David Estill
  • Alex Chapman

The permanent board is being recruited, and we plan to have our first meeting in May 2019.


Identify host organization

10C is the most likely home for OEG. It has all the facilities we need, many other social enterprises call it home (including eMerge Guelph), and it is close to City Hall.


Develop budget and funding sources

Our interim board will develop a budget and funding sources as part of proposed service agreement with the City of Guelph.


Appoint key volunteer roles

We have filled the following volunteer roles:

  • Volunteer Coordinator - Megan Moore
  • Business/Stakeholder Relationship Manager - Trevor Kanerva

Alex Chapman, manager of the City’s Climate Change Office, is temporarily filling these roles:

  • Executive Director
  • Education, Communication, Outreach and Awareness (ECOA) Coordinator
  • Project and Program Coordinator
  • Metrics and Reporting Coordinator
  • Advocacy/Intergovernmental Coordinator.


Create City implementation team

Led by the Climate Change Office, the City will build a team for each relevant action and oversee the work of those teams.


Create Community Energy Coordinator staff role

We’ve changed the name of this role to Executive Director, and we’re proposing to draw up a service agreement with the City to fund the position. The Climate Change Office will continue to be link between us and the City, and it will coordinate all City CEI activities.


Launch technical sub-team:

Energy efficiency retrofits

This is completed. The Climate Change Office convened the Guelph Energy Efficiency Retrofit Strategy (GEERS) Advisory Group in February of 2019, and will support OEG as it prepares a report slated for Q4 of 2019. The team members are:

  • Erik Venneman (Alectra)
  • Evan Ferrari (eMerge)
  • Gavin Baxter (SHED Design)
  • Andy Goyda (Owens Corning)
  • Heather Yates (CoG Water Services)
  • Ian Dunbar (Union Gas; to be replaced)
  • Irene Szabo (Home Group Realty Inc.)
  • James Krauter (CoG Finance)
  • Patrick Andres (CoG Building Services)
  • Alex Chapman (CoG Climate Change Office)


Launch technical sub-team:

Building code

This item is on hold until we complete the service agreement with the City, and appoint the ED.


Launch technical sub-team:

Photovoltaic net metering

Same as item #8.


Launch technical sub-team:

Electric transit

The City is exploring the idea, and so far we have not needed to be involved.


Launch technical sub-team:

District energy

Same as item #8. The first order of business will be to capture the lessons we’ve already learned; it will likely be quite some time before there is any further investment.


Launch ECOA sub-team

This team has the most stories to tell! Its successes so far include the Local Action on Climate Change event, and getting funding from Alectra to help with the My World, My Choice mentorship program.


Maintain current leadership from CCO

The CCO has provided leadership, and will continue to do so until/unless we receive funding and fill the ED role.


Maintain progress reporting

This report is the first annual CEI progress report. The CCO reports on emissions performance annually via CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), which it is required to do to be a member of the Global Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy.


CCO to maintain advocacy support

The CCO collaborates on advocacy work with other City departments, and with other cities through the Clean Air Partnership and Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow.


Business relationships

We’ve created a community of practice called Guelph Energy Managers, which currently includes eight of Guelph’s top ten employers. We’re also working with Sustainable Waterloo Region to bring the Regional Sustainability Initiative to Guelph.


The ECOA team (item #12 above) scored the most visible success since the CEI update, with the Local Action on Climate Change event on January 22nd, 2019. UofG hosted the event, which started with a keynote by Diane Saxe, the now-former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. Next was a panel discussion including Ms. Saxe, Mayor Cam Guthrie, MPP Mike Schreiner, and MP Lloyd Longfield. After some audience Q&A, the event wrapped up with a mini-trade show featuring the following exhibits:

  • The City of Guelph (Water Services, Solid Waste Services, and the Smart Cities Challenge)
  • Alectra Utilities
  • OEG
  • Project Neutral (a household carbon footprint calculator and action planner)
  • The University of Guelph College of Business and Economics
  • Sustainable Citizen (a mobile device app that will encourage individual sustainable action)
  • My World, My Choice (a program featuring University of Guelph students mentoring high school and middle school students on sustainability)

The event sold out over one week in advance although we didn’t do much publicity. We got some coverage from the Guelph Mercury-Tribune, and a video recording is posted on our website ( The event’s objective was to encourage people to explore volunteering opportunities with exhibitors, particularly My World, My Choice. Mission accomplished!

The CEI Update staff report mentioned that a summary report was forthcoming, and would hit the high points of the CEI in an easy-to-read format with lots of infographics. We decided that this summary report should include the pathway to the net zero carbon target, so we’ve held off until after we present this report.

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