Federal and provincial targets

When Guelph developed its Community Energy Plan (later the CEI) in 2006, there were no federal or provincial climate change targets. This is no longer the case. The federal and provincial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets out to 2030 are shown below.

Federal and Provincial targets as applied to Guelph

The targets are calculated by taking the overall target for the province or the country, and multiplying it by Guelph’s percentage of total population as of 2006.

The provincial target for 2030 represents a 43% absolute reduction over 2006 levels; the federal 28%. The provincial target is aligned with the Nationally Determined Contribution under COP21, so it matches the international target.

The Province has also set a 2050 target of 80% reduction in GHG emissions over 1990 levels.

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