Energy? Carbon? Both?

The CEI proposed targets for both energy and carbon. Other orders of government have now set targets for carbon, but not for community-scale energy use. Our Energy Guelph (OEG) therefore has a free hand to set whatever energy target is considered reasonable. It was decided to begin with a greenhouse gas emissions target, and then establish an energy target aligned with that.

To reiterate, OEG is guided by the following key beliefs:

  1. Reduced energy costs
  2. Strong local economy
  3. Resilient, healthy communities

Taking into consideration all of the above information, OEG task force members were asked to vote on three possible alternative carbon targets:

  1. Match the Province.
  2. Beat the Province’s 2050 target by 10%. (“10 by 50”)
  3. Achieve net zero carbon by 2050. (“Zero by 50”)

The result of the vote is shown below.

Guelph will achieve net zero carbon by 2050.

To meet or exceed this target, our updated Community Energy Initiative will identify ways to:

  1. Take actions within our sphere of influence, as a community and as a municipality
  2. Develop strategic partnerships to maximize and expand that sphere of influence
  3. Advocate for provincial and federal action to support our efforts

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