Community Energy Sectoral Scan

Our Energy Guelph commissioned a research project to examine the state of community energy planning. Fortunately OEG co-chair, Dr. Kirby Calvert, co-leads the Community Energy Knowledge Action Partnership (CEKAP), which is one of the foremost collaborations on the topic. This excellent fit made it possible to perform world-class research economically within the scope of the CEI update.

The research was delivered in five parts, listed below.

  1. FROM STRATEGIC PLANNING TO IMPLEMENTATION PLANNING: A review of emerging standards in community energy planning to support Phase 1 of Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative Update
  2. PLACING THE ‘COMMUNITY’ IN COMMUNITY ENERGY PLANNING: Translating community consultations into visions and targets for Guelph’s Updated Community Energy Initiative
  3. A Primer on Stakeholder Engagement in Community Energy Planning
  4. A database of enabling policies and programs
  5. A database of ways that other single-tier municipal governments in Ontario have participated in CEP implementation

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