Top-Priority Technical Actions

The task force reviewed a list of 20 potential actions to reduce emissions and improve energy performance and ranked these actions in order of priority. The results are shown below, in order from highest to lowest priority.

  1. Retrofit homes pre-1980
  2. Retrofit industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) buildings
  3. Stricter codes on new build
  4. Photovoltaic (PV) net metering
  5. Electrify transit
  6. Heat pumps
  7. Retrofit homes 1980-2017
  8. Large PV
  9. Active transportation
  10. Energy storage
  11. Electrify fleets (including the municipal fleet)
  12. Expand transit
  13. District energy
  14. Solar hot water
  15. Wind energy
  16. Renewable natural gas
  17. Electrify personal vehicles
  18. Ride share programs
  19. Car free zones
  20. Autonomous vehicles

The task force was further asked to rank the criteria used to set those priorities. They were:

  1. Technical feasibility/technology readiness
  2. Best financial payback
  3. Highest GHG impact
  4. Upfront cost
  5. Impacts the largest number of people
  6. $ per GHG reduction
  7. Political feasibility (public and Council acceptance)
  8. Urban resilience
  9. Profile (charisma/attention-grabbing)
  10. Regulatory feasibility (i.e. within municipal influence)
  11. Energy security
  12. Personal health and safety

It is proposed to create sub-teams to focus on each of the top five actions. These are listed below. These sub-teams will develop detailed and targeted implementation plans for their respective scopes of responsibility, including identifying specific direct actions that the City must take (e.g. policy/regulatory changes, investments) to ensure those plans are implemented successfully.

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