Summary: Top Priority Actions

This section reviews the actions which have top priority to be implemented following the acceptance of the CEI update.

  1. Appoint an interim board to oversee the creation of a permanent Our Energy Guelph (OEG) organization including a governance structure.
  2. Identify an organization to host OEG.
  3. Develop an initial OEG budget, identify sources of funds, and make the necessary solicitations to secure those funds.
  4. Appoint key roles (initially on a volunteer basis supplemented by City staff resources, with intent to develop into paid positions as the financial resources become available):
    1. Executive Director
    2. Treasurer
    3. Education/Awareness/Outreach/Communications Coordinator
    4. Business/Stakeholder Relationship Manager
    5. Project and Program Coordinator
    6. Metrics and Reporting Coordinator
    7. Volunteer Coordinator
    8. Advocacy/Intergovernmental Coordinator
  5. Create a City Implementation Team to oversee all aspects of the municipality’s relationship to OEG listed in the final section of A catalyst for building a liveable city. Note that this could be the Energy, Water and Climate Change (EWaCC) working group, or a sub-committee of the same.
  6. Create a new City staff role, Community Energy Coordinator, to provide hands-on support for OEG and for all CEI implementation work both within the City and out in the community. This will include launching all sub-teams, facilitating the process of nominating leaders, and providing support for them as they ramp up their activities.
  7. Create sub-teams focused on the top-priority technical actions (see below).
  8. Launch an Education, Awareness, Outreach, and Communications Sub-Team with the task of creating a plan for the same within the first six months, and then implementing it.
  9. Maintain current leadership and support for OEG and the CEI from the City’s Climate Change Office, while identifying opportunities to augment existing efforts with OEG resources (including volunteers) as they are developed. Note that the City must continue to provide leadership on any and all CEI aspects where OEG has not yet developed capacity.

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