Launch Photovoltaic (PV) Net Metering Team

With the termination of the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program, the next phase for deployment of solar PV technology is net metering. Under the various tiers of the FIT program, 100% of the electricity generated by renewable sources (wind, solar, biomass) was sold to the grid at a specified preferential rate. In contrast, net metering assumes that renewable electricity generated on site will first go to offset on-site consumption; any excess is exported to the grid and credited at a specified rate.

The province is exploring some enhancements to net metering, namely Virtual Net Metering (VNM), 3rd Party Ownership (3PO), and Multiple Entity Virtual Net Metering (MEVNM). VNM would allow excess electricity generated on one site to offset consumption at another site owned by the same entity. 3PO would remove the current requirement that any net metering generation system must have the same owner as the property on which it is located. MEVNM would allow several organizations to participate in a pool of VNM facilities, selling excess generation into the pool or purchasing from it.

The scope of this team would include advocacy efforts aimed at expanding the scope of net metering applicability. It would also include oversight for both test and scale projects. The following stakeholders should be represented:

  1. Manufacturers of solar PV array components (modules, racking, inverters, balance-of –system)
  2. Installers of solar PV arrays
  3. Property owners (single, multiple) with an interest in developing solar PV
  4. Investors, e.g. renewable energy cooperatives
  5. The electric utility

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