Recommended actions

Getting There from Here

The plan to achieve this ambitious target is threefold:

  1. Build a community organization to co-lead CEI implementation
  2. Implement enabling activities to encourage community action
  3. Implement specific technical actions with direct greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction potential

Item 1 is addressed in the section entitled Our Energy Guelph - A catalyst for building a liveable city. Item 2 is as well, through references to specific enabling activities that arose from the Community Vision Survey.

Task force members were presented with a list of specific technical actions that will contribute to achieving the GHG target. They were asked to rank each action in order of priority, and to provide their rationale for this selection. The results are shown below. 

Chart - Prioritization of technical actions 2


Chart - Prioritization of criteria for selecting technical actions

This information was provided to the analytics consultant to fulfill the third and final component of their scope of work, namely to determine two different packages of actions and assumptions to achieve the target:

  1. Actions within the city only
  2. Actions including purchase of offsets external to the city

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