Volunteer management

Guelph has made excellent progress in building a culture of volunteerism. The environmental messages at the heart of Our Energy Guelph (OEG) have already attracted many such volunteers, including:

  1. High school students (including those seeking to fulfill the requirement for volunteer hours)
  2. University students and recent graduates
  3. Retirees

By managing this asset base effectively, OEG can deliver significant change in the community at minimal cost. Volunteers can assist with:

  • Staffing OEG appearances at community events, lunch-and-learns, and facilities such as the Guelph Farmers’ Market
  • Social media campaigns, including creating content (or reposting of relevant content from 3rd parties) and managing placements such as blog posts, op-ed pieces, local radio spots, local cable TV appearances, and online videos on platforms such as YouTube
  • Recruitment (member organizations, additional volunteers, board members)
  • Fundraising
  • Administration

It is proposed to create a corps of volunteers to assist with all of the above activities, led by a volunteer coordinator. This individual would be responsible for:

  • Ensuring all events have a sign-up process for prospective new volunteers
  • Connecting with all new volunteers to understand their aspirations, preferences, skills, and constraints
  • Maintaining a database of volunteers including the above information
  • Periodically reconnecting with volunteers to confirm their ongoing commitment, obtain their feedback on completed events, and thank them for their participation
  • Performing exit interviews for volunteers that end their relationship with OEG
  • Coordinating volunteers teams for specific events, or appointing event leaders
  • Reviewing event results to identify opportunities to improve
  • Organizing volunteer appreciation events

It is envisioned that this would begin as an unpaid position, but this would change as the OEG business model becomes self-sustaining and can support the associated payroll cost.

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