Progress reporting

Our Energy Guelph (OEG) will enhance its profile in the community if it delivers regular, transparent, and easy-to-understand reports on its progress. CEI progress reporting did not achieve its potential, in part because a status reporting schedule was not established, and because standards for greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory calculation were still taking shape. As a result, direct comparisons between successive status reports were not possible.

It is proposed to provide progress reporting to the public and other stakeholders including the City of Guelph on an annual basis. This report would include:

  1. Updates to key metrics and data sets, including utility use, transportation statistics, and building attributes
  2. An updated GHG inventory based on the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC) standard
  3. An update on progress toward established targets
  4. Status and achievements of specific programs
  5. Success stories from individuals and organizations in the community
  6. Results of a survey on public opinions
  7. A summary of key changes in policy, technology, and energy markets
  8. Priorities for the coming year for programming, including awareness, education, and outreach

It is further proposed that every five years, a more comprehensive report would be published that would include:

  1. Striking a new task force to lead the update
  2. Conduct a new Community Vision Survey
  3. Obtain consulting assistance as required (technical analysis, targeted stakeholder surveys/focus groups/interviews)
  4. An evaluation on whether the targets continue to be relevant
  5. Any proposals to adjust or eliminate existing targets, or add new ones
  6. Transitioning ownership of the updated plan to OEG

This approach should help ensure strong, ongoing community support for OEG and its work.

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