Host organization

It may be possible to build a complete organization from the ground up, including staff, leadership, physical space, information technology, telecommunications, human resources management, accounting, printing, filing, and administrative support. However, it would be preferable in the early days for these functions to be provided by a host organization. This will allow Our Energy Guelph (OEG) to focus on its core mission. Possible host organizations include:

  1. eMerge Guelph
  2. Chamber of Commerce
  3. University of Guelph – Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI)
  4. City of Guelph
  5. Sustainable Waterloo Region

The criteria for selection of the host organization would include:

  • Alignment with the mission of OEG
  • Common external stakeholders and relationships
  • Potential for joint action
  • Ability to fulfil OEG resource requirements
  • Access to additional useful resources

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