Business relationships

Our Energy Guelph (OEG) will be much more likely to achieve success with its programs if it has strong relationships with the business community. Such relationships will help to achieve the following benefits for OEG:

  1. Prospective board members
  2. Guidance on program offerings
  3. Funding relationships
  4. Customers for consultative services

In some cases these relationships will be formalized into partnerships, either on an ongoing basis or one-off arrangements for specific projects. (Note that “Develop Partnerships” was the fourth most common theme in the Community Vision Survey.) In return, a relationship with OEG will offer the following benefits to local organizations:

  1. A platform to acquire and share knowledge about successful initiatives to reduce energy cost, consumption, and emissions
  2. For businesses active in the energy sector, new customer relationships and opportunities to sell products and services
  3. Opportunities for co-branding and gaining “green” credibility with customers and the general public
  4. Improved employee job satisfaction, engagement, and retention by improving sustainability and corporate citizenship

It is proposed to begin with the existing members of the OEG task force, as well as the Chamber of Commerce Energy Transition Committee.

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