Our Energy Guelph

Created in 2007, the Community Energy Initiative is Guelph’s renowned 25-year plan to use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gases.  Our Energy Guelph was established by Guelph City Council to evaluate the progress of the Community Energy Initiative 10 years after its creation



Our Mandate

  1. Update the Community Energy Initiative to reflect identified gaps, new policies, and technical and best practices
    • Establish baseline measurements
    • Incorporate municipal best practices, and federal and provincial government policies and program requirements
    • Global, regional and local market analysis
    • Factor in global, regional and local market analysis
  2. Re-focus the Community Energy Initiative as a community-led initiative
    • Empower community stakeholders to determine the priorities and lead the Community Energy Initiative’s success
  3. Establish metrics for Guelph’s progress and how we compare to other municipalities
    • Coordinated reporting protocols

Our Activities

Our Energy Guelph is taking a 3-phase approach to its evaluation.

  • Phase 1 - Set up the Taskforce and define long-term goals. (Read more about our Task Force)
  • Phase 2 - Develop achievable short and intermediate-range goals, and publish a revised 20 to 50-year plan. (Read more about here)
  • Phase 3 - Report to Council and develop an ongoing monitoring and evaluation strategy.

Our Updates

Community Engagement

During the spring and summer of 2017, Our Energy Guelph engaged with residents and business owners in Guelph, seeking input into Guelph's community energy plan. Community engagement represents one of three primary inputs and activities that will come together to inform Guelph's Community Energy Plan. 

Watch this video for a brief summary of community engagement activities and results: