Our relationship with the City of Guelph

In 2016, the City of Guelph commissioned the Community Energy Initiative (CEI) Update Task Force with two purposes:

  • To revise the CEI to reflect marketplace, technology, and policy changes since its adoption in 2007.
  • To put the "community" back in "Community Energy Initiative".

In response to the second purpose, the task force renamed itself Our Energy Guelph (OEG) and stated its goal not just to deliver the update, but to partner with the City to deliver the CEI on an ongoing basis.

In May 2018, OEG delivered the CEI update to Guelph City Council. Council acknowledged OEG's proposed goal to make Guelph a Net Zero Carbon community by 2050. Our next task was to figure out how to accomplish this goal.

In May 2019, OEG delivered to Council the Pathway to Net Zero Carbon. Given the exciting economic aspects of this pathway, OEG proposed for the City to provide seed funding to get this program under way. After OEG incorporated as a not-for-profit enterprise under the laws of the Province of Ontario, constituted its board of directors, and adopted a budget, the City signed an agreement to fund OEG operations 100% in its first year, declining to 50% by its fifth year.

The City of Guelph continues to have a voice on the OEG Board of Directors, and Council receives quarterly updates on OEG's work.