Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Advisory Group

This group was formed to prepare an updated proposal to Guelph City Council on the options to deliver large-scale energy efficiency retrofits to our community's buildings, per actions 3 through 5 in the list of 25 actions that comprise the Pathway to Net Zero Carbon. The membership of the group included:

Name Organization Constituency
Patrick Andres     City of Guelph Building inspections
Gavin Baxter SHED Design Renovation contractors
Alex Chapman Our Energy Guelph Guelph community
Ian Dunbar Enbridge Gas Natural gas utility
Don Eaton Elora Environment Centre Energy auditors
Evan Ferrari eMerge Guelph Sustainability Environmental NGOs
Andy Goyda Owens Corning Materials suppliers
James Krauter City of Guelph Finance
Mark Poste County of Wellington Social housing
Irene Szabo Sutton Group Realtors
Erik Veneman Alectra Utilities Electricity utility
Heather Yates City of Guelph Water utility


The group presented its report to Council in January of 2020.