Helen Loftin

Helen Loftin is the General Manager for the Business Development & Enterprise (BDE) department at the City of Guelph. She and her team are responsible for the activities of the City that center on supporting the retention and expansion of businesses in Guelph as well as promoting and attracting new business constituents to our city. The BDE team also serves the city in providing economic analysis and statistics that serve to inform Guelph programs and services, marketing of the city’s economic successes and potential, the Downtown Renewal program,  as well as steering development projects such as the Hanlon Creek Business Park, Guelph Innovation District and the Baker District Redevelopment Project. AND…they are the proud stewards of the Guelph Junction Railway – Ontario’s only thriving local railway. 

Prior to joining the City of Guelph, Helen worked in the International economic development industry for over 12yrs, with programs in Pakistan, Myanmar, Ghana, Libya, Afghanistan and other developing countries. And preceding her non-profit work, Helen worked in the private sector in various sectors such as construction, healthcare, and marketing, and real estate.

She’s a new resident to Guelph but already a proud citizen. She has 2 children and 5 grandkids.