Our Energy Guelph's Three Phase Approach

Our Energy Guelph is taking a three phase approach to conducting the activities of the Taskforce. These are:

  • Phase 1 - Set up the Taskforce (called Our Energy Guelph) and define long term goals
  • Phase 2 - Develop achievable short and intermediate range goals. Publish revised 20-50 year plan.
  • Phase 3 - Report to Council. Develop ongoing monitoring and evaluation strategy.

Specifically the phases include:

Phase 1

Form the Taskforce (done)

  • Form leadership team & ‘channel partners’
  • Establish working relationship & expectations
  • Confirm scope of the process

Outputs: Taskforce and Terms of Reference

Review and Prioritize Goals (currently underway)

  • Review progress-to-date and existing goals & targets guiding that progress
  • Identify possibilities for new / updated goals & targets
  • Engage community to prioritize goals and targets

Outputs: Overall vision with high-level targets (20-50 year plan)

Phase 2

Identify and Prioritize Intermediate Goals & Initiatives

  • Identify range of possible intermediate goals & initiatives
  • Engage community to prioritize intermediate goals and possible initiatives
  • Establish Task Force sub-committees as appropriate

Output: Portfoio of initiatives and sector-specific targets (1 - 5 years)

Develop Measures of Success and Clear Stakeholder Roles

  • Establish clear initiatives and associated measures of success
  • Assess internal capacity and possible external resources
  • Build coalitions with clear stakeholder roles

Outputs: COMPLETE REVISED PLAN, including long-term vision (20-50 yr. timeline), key initiatives (1-5 yr. timeline) and implementation plan (1-5 yr. timeline) for those initiatives

Phase 3

Track and Adjust as Appropriate

  • Track measures of success
  • Identify internal and external barriers
  • Re-visit visions, agendas, and initiatives as appropriate

Outputs: Analysis of progress & preliminary suggestions for corrective action

Report to Council, and Plan for Future

  • Participate in CEP initiatives as appropriate
  • Document progress, trumpet success
  • Keep Council and community informed
  • Governance and oversight

Outputs: Website updates, council delegations