History of CEI in Guelph

The Community Energy Plan (CEP) was approved by Guelph City Council in April, 2007. In 2010, the CEP was relabelled the Community Energy Initiative (CEI) to reflect that the CEP had moved into the implementation phase.

In the area of Community Energy Planning a great deal has changed since 2007. Major relevant changes are:

  • At the time of its creation, Guelph was one of a very few, if not the only city in Ontario and Canada that had developed and approved a fully developed Community Energy Plan. The CEP/CEI has maintained its leadership role in community energy planning that has since become the standard for energy planning. Since that time, dozens of cities have developed, or are in process of, developing Community Energy Plans. The majority of them are modelled on the principles of Guelph’s CEP/CEI. This in turn has spawned a great number of advocacy organizations such as the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario to align support to cities.

  • Related to the above, the provincial and federal governments, and their purview over local governments have evolved their policy and program work that aligns with, and supports the ongoing development, and updating of Community Energy Plans such as Guelph’s CEI. Major policy milestones include the adoption of the Provincial Green Energy and Economy Act in 2009 and more recently the development of climate change and renewable energy policy and programs at both the provincial and federal level.

  • The global, North American, and local/regional market for energy- related products and services that supports the goals of the CEI has transformed radically in the last 10 year period bringing significant economic development opportunity and the potential for globally experienced implementation resources to Guelph.

  • Related to the above, electricity prices continue to rise and bring increased risk to the local economy.

  • As reported below, a great deal of activity has transpired in implementing the CEI to date. Tools have been developed and standards are emerging. Lessons have been learned - not only in our own local activity in the City of Guelph but in cities across the Province of Ontario, Canada and globally.