About Us

Our Energy Guelph aims to make Guelph a net zero carbon community by 2050. Achieving this goal is a compelling economic opportunity, delivering a net present value of $1.7 billion, an internal rate of return of 9%, and 1,300 jobs. It will make our air cleaner, our city more prosperous, and our homes and businesses more resilient to the effects of a changing climate. It will deliver these benefits to all, regardless of their position on the income ladder.

A brief history of Our Energy Guelph

Created in 2007, the Community Energy Initiative (CEI) is Guelph’s renowned 25-year plan to use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gases. It set the bar for similar initiatives across many Canadian municipalities and established Guelph as a leader in community-based energy conservation.

The CEI Update Task Force was established by Guelph City Council to evaluate the progress of the Community Energy Initiative 10 years after its creation. Click here to read more about the History of CEI in Guelph. Click here to learn more about the members of the task force. 

Early in its mandate, the task force renamed itself Our Energy Guelph (OEG). This action responded to City direction to “put the Community back in Community Energy Initiative”, and recognized that a permanent community entity would be needed to fulfill this direction. When OEG presented the CEI Update to Council in May 2018, Council passed the following resolutions:

  1. That Council acknowledge the role of Our Energy Guelph (OEG) as the implementer of the Community Energy Initiative going forward in principle.
  2. That Council approve the City of Guelph’s continued association with OEG as a primary stakeholder and partner.

Our Energy Guelph was incorporated as a not-for-profit enterprise in May, 2019 and held the first meeting of its permanent Board of Directors on July 8, 2019. This draft mandate is being used to guide Our Energy Guelph as it moves to implement the pathway to net zero carbon.