Our Energy Guelph

Created in 2007, the Community Energy Initiative is Guelph’s renowned 25-year plan to use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gases. It set the bar for similar initiatives across many Canadian municipalities and established Guelph as a leader in community-based energy conservation.

Our Energy Guelph was established by Guelph City Council to evaluate the progress of the Community Energy Initiative 10 years after its creation. Click here to read more about the History of CEI in Guelph.

Since 2007, the provincial and federal governments have updated policies to provide support for sustainable energy initiatives. Both local and international markets for energy-related products and services have changed significantly. Electricity pricing remains a top issue.

As more municipalities embark on energy initiatives, Guelph continues to be a leader in this field. Our Energy Guelph is the next step in reducing Guelph’s energy costs and supporting sustainable energy planning.

Our Energy Guelph Mandate

 Our Energy Guelph has been mandated to:

  1. Update the Community Energy Initiative to reflect identified gaps, new policies, and technical and best practices
    • Establish baseline measurements
    • Incorporate municipal best practices, and federal and provincial government policies and program requirements
    • Global, regional and local market analysis
    • Factor in global, regional and local market analysis
  2. Re-focus the Community Energy Initiative as a community-led initiative
    • Empower community stakeholders to determine the priorities and lead the Community Energy Initiative’s success
  3. Establish metrics for Guelph’s progress and how we compare to other municipalities
    • Coordinated reporting protocols

Click here to learn more about our 3-Phase approach

Taskforce Scope

Guelph Council has approve the establishment of a Community Energy Initiative update process that includes the following key principles as described in report IDE – BDE - 1604:

  • Establishing a community-based advisory committee which will provide governance, oversight and reporting to the community and to Council;
  • A reference to the most recent Community Energy Initiative activity, status and gap analysis report.
  • Improved community engagement with a strong interaction with local stakeholders;
  • Clarity on the roles of Local Government, Local Government Agencies and local stakeholders;
  • Improved understanding of the local, regional and global transforming energy market;
  • Reconfirmation of policy, program and regulation framework;
  • Partnering with external third party advocacy and support groups such as, but not limited to Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and QUEST (Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow;
  • Initiating rigorous analysis, reporting and oversight in support of developing acceptable baseline and targets and communicating measurable results and
  • Update performance metrics which measure annual local performance, and measures such performance against benchmark communities.

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