Our Energy Guelph is...


a community-led,


not-for-profit social enterprise

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with this mission:

Building a clean, resilient, and prosperous city for everyone.





At minimum, we do not harm the natural environment.

Ideally, we restore and regenerate it.

We are continuously decreasing the health impacts of environmental contaminants including those affecting our air, water, soil, and food.

We do not export our environmental problems elsewhere.





Guelph attracts new investors, new businesses, and new residents.

Children can grow up, get an education, start a job and/or a business and/or a family - all in Guelph, all without needing to leave.





Our city uses tools (such as distributed renewable generation, energy storage, and green infrastructure) to become less and less vulnerable to shocks like energy commodity price spikes and extreme weather events, and stresses like water scarcity and population growth.

Our residents have a high level of social connectedness, which helps them to withstand extreme weather and other shocks.

Our businesses and organizations are able to resume operations rapidly after extreme weather events and other shocks.


 For   everyone.



Climate change has the greatest impact on those at the bottom rung of the economic ladder.

Members of our community will not have to choose between changing the thermostat and buying groceries.



Our goal: A net zero carbon community by 2050.

To accomplish this goal, we work in two ways:


Left brain:




Right brain:




Implementing the pathway to net zero carbon

25 technical actions



Building a post-carbon community

10 organizational actions

Read more about the pathway to net zero carbon here.


Read more about the 10 organizational actions here.