The Future Can Be Bright


We can do a lot if we use less, use it smarter, and make more.

Improving energy sustainability means changing what we have now, while also implementing planning that will incorporate conservation approaches. It’s not only about using less; Guelph also needs smarter energy use through more efficient distribution and technology that allows for greater local production.


Use Less


our energy guelph future plan


Creating a more energy efficient Royal City is something that we can accomplish on several fronts.

There is no need to remove all the great old structures that give our city much of its character. In many cases, modifying existing structures will allow them to continue serving their communities well into the future. 

New buildings will include energy efficiency strategies right from the earliest stages of design to the final construction. That forward-thinking conservation will also factor into other aspects of city planning. 

Guelph’s planning will also accommodate the requirements of vehicles that run on clean fuel sources.  

Use it Smarter

The future of energy conservation in Guelph

Smarter energy production and delivery = better results. Central generation and distribution of energy also means a smaller carbon footprint.  

  • Microgrid - Reducing the scale of energy production also makes excellent environmental sense. Instead of relying on one provider, each property owner becomes their own energy broker.
  • Smaller Generators Located Where Energy is Used - Creating our own energy close to home is not only smart but safer.
  • Store Energy - Effective methods of storing energy means that these natural sources are always available to us when we need them. This benefits the atmosphere and the money saved can be used for other projects.


Make More

future energy sources guelph

Use technology to produce energy in Guelph. 

  • Solar - Guelph will continue to be a leader in making use of this clean energy source.
  • Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) - Combining new and improved technologies makes excellent financial and ecological sense.
  • Biogas - Transforming waste into an excellent new fuel source that helps our energy needs.

By casting an eye towards the future, Guelph will remain at the forefront of Ontario’s most energy efficient centres. That means a time with lessened environmental impact, a reduction in spending on costly, outdated energy infrastructure, an increasingly vibrant economy, greater employment prospects, heightened property values, and a city that will fully serve the needs of its citizens.

Guelph: The Silicon Valley of Clean Energy?

Global warming means that urban areas must chart a new course, but this refocusing is also transformative in other ways. Green energy has no geographical boundaries, so any centralized city that adopts energy efficiency as a core strategy can increase the prosperity of its citizens.

The old energy economy hubs are where the oil is located – Dubai, Calgary, Houston, Aberdeen.


What is a “HUB” or industry cluster?

The hubs (also called “industry clusters”) of the old energy economy are where the oil is located – Dubai, Calgary, Houston, Aberdeen. Renewable energy is everywhere, so a community that chooses to take the lead can become a clean energy hub and reap these benefits: 

  • Attract Investment - Forward thinking cities attract forward thinking organizations.
  • More Jobs - A bigger pool of working talent is great for Guelph’s future.
  • Better Services - Potential benefits for all our citizens.
  • Business Collaboration - New and better alliances.
  • Stronger, Prosperous Local Economy -  An even better city to do business in.


Guelph’s Energy Targets


Thorough planning and realistic energy reduction goals can make it all possible.

The economic and lifestyle advantages of being a clean energy city are clear. By embracing change, innovation, and a visionary approach to the future, Guelph will do its part in crafting the new normal of clean energy and environmental sustainability for all.


The future of energy Guelph


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