Planning for Guelph's Energy Future

Community Energy Initiative Vision (2007): Guelph will create a healthy, reliable and sustainable energy future by continually increasing the effectiveness of how we use and manage our energy and water resources.

Guelph City Council established the Our Energy Guelph to evaluate Community Energy Initiative (CEI) 10 years after its inception.

Our Energy Guelph aims to attract quality investment, ensure reliable and affordable energy, reduce environmental impact, and enhance Guelph’s competitiveness. To reach these goals, Guelph’s energy plan recommends:

  • Committing to a sustainable energy future to make Guelph the place to invest
  • Making a variety of reliable, competitive energy, water, and transportation services available to all
  • Reducing energy use per capita and resulting greenhouse gas emissions below the current global average
  • Using less energy and water per capita than comparable Canadian cities

  • Ensuring all publicly-funded investments visibly contribute to meeting these goals

Read more on the history of CEI.

Economic Benefits

  • Reduce energy spending for residents, businesses and local government
  • Keep energy dollars in the local economy instead of sending them out of the city
  • Create high-quality local jobs
  • Increase property values

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Foster healthy ecosystems
  • Use land and natural resources more efficiently
  • Set a common vision around energy in the community

Energy Security Benefits

  • Improve access to reliable sources of energy
  • Reduce exposure to energy price volatility
  • Assess and provide solutions for areas facing energy poverty
  • Assess and provide solutions for at-risk areas
  • Ensure local energy priorities are considered in supply planning

Why Evaluate CEI?

Our Energy Guelph is setting community priorities on energy to improve efficiency, cut emissions, and drive economic development. By following through with these priorities, our community can:

  • Keep energy dollars local and recirculate funds within the local economy;
  • Help local businesses reduce energy costs, encouraging new investment and business retention in our community;
  • Create local jobs and save on energy cost
  • Establish a healthier community through reduced healthcare costs and more affordable housing.

Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST), has produced significant research on the topic. Read more.

Guelph Rec Centre Combined Heat and Power Unit
West End Rec Centre Combined Heat and Power System including using waste heat from chilling ice rink to heat swimming pool.

Our Energy Guelph Activities

Our Energy Guelph is taking a 3-phase approach to its evaluation.

  • Phase 1 - Set up the Taskforce and define long-term goals.
  • Phase 2 - Develop achievable short and intermediate-range goals, and publish a revised 20 to 50-year plan.
  • Phase 3 - Report to Council and develop an ongoing monitoring and evaluation strategy.

Read more about the 3 phase approach.



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